ytterbium metal 99.99%

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ytterbium metal 99.99% Yb Metal CAS 7440-64-4

ytterbium metal 99.99% Yb Metal CAS 7440-64-4

Metal ytterbium block is a silver white soft metal with luster and easy oxidation. It slowly corrodes in the air and is soluble in dilute acids and liquid ammonia. It can slowly react with water, and divalent salts are green, soluble in water, and react with water to slowly release hydrogen gas; Trivalent salt is colorless. The oxide is white in color. Silver white metal with ductility, rich in luster.

Metallic ytterbium is silver gray, ductile, and has a soft texture. At room temperature, ytterbium can be slowly oxidized by air and water. Similar to samarium and europium, ytterbium belongs to the variable valence rare earth, and can also be in a positive divalent state in addition to being usually trivalent. Due to this variable valence characteristic, the preparation of metallic ytterbium should not be carried out by electrolysis, but by reduction distillation method for preparation and purification. Usually, lanthanum metal is used as a reducing agent for reduction distillation, utilizing the difference between the high vapor pressure of ytterbium metal and the low vapor pressure of lanthanum metal. Alternatively, thulium, ytterbium, and lutetium concentrates can be used as raw materials, and metal lanthanum can be used as a reducing agent. Under high temperature vacuum conditions of>1100 ℃ and<0.133Pa, metal ytterbium can be directly extracted by reduction distillation. Like samarium and europium, ytterbium can also be separated and purified through wet reduction. Usually, thulium, ytterbium, and lutetium concentrates are used as raw materials. After dissolution, ytterbium is reduced to a divalent state, causing significant differences in properties, and then separated from other trivalent rare earths. The production of high-purity ytterbium oxide is usually carried out by extraction chromatography or ion exchange method.


Essential details

Metal Ytterbium

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:SUOYI

Composition:Ytterbium/Ytterbium Metal

Product Type:Rare Earth Metal



Grade:Metal Ytterbium




Appearance:Silver gray

CAS No:7440-64-4

EINECS No.:231-173-2

Melting Point:824 °C

Boiling Point:1196 °C

Density:6.54 g/mL at 25 °C

Appearance:Silver-white rare earth metal

Content(percent):99.99% distilled ytterbium metal

Application:stress gauges, other ytterbium-containing alloys

Grade:Ytterbium Metal, 99.9% 99.99%

Product Name:cas 7440-64-4 ytterbium price 99.99% distilled ytterbium metal

Molecular Formula:Yb

CAS No:7440-65-5

Main content:Pure Ytterbium

Size:we can cut ytterbium according to your requirement


Model Number:Yb99.95-99.995%

Application:vacuum coating

rare earth metal:high pure

Supply Ability

500000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month

Packaging & delivery


package: 1kg/bottle

Metal Ytterbium in a bucket,

50Kg per bucket,

500Kg a pallet


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