Heavy/Light Barium Carbonate powder

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99.2% Baco3 Heavy/Light Barium Carbonate powder CAS 513-77-9

99.2% Baco3 Heavy/Light Barium Carbonate powder CAS 513-77-9

Barium carbonate (BaCO3), also known as witherite, is a chemical compound used in rat poison, bricks, ceramic glazes and cement.
The mineral is named after William Withering, who in 1784 recognized it to be chemically distinct from barytes. It occurs in veins of lead ore at Hexham in Northumberland, Alston in Cumbria, Anglezarke, near Chorley in Lancashire and a few other localities. Witherite is readily altered to barium sulfate by the action of water containing calcium sulfate in solution and crystals are therefore frequently encrusted with barytes. It is the chief source of barium salts and is mined in considerable amounts in Northumberland. It is used for the preparation of rat poison, in the manufacture of glass and porcelain, and formerly for refining sugar.It is also used for controlling the chromate to sulfate ratio in chromium electroplating baths.

Main purpose

1. Mainly used for producing PTC thermistor electronic components, manufacturing chip based components, semiconductor capacitors, etc.

2. Analyze iron in calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, and measure halogens in organic matter. It is used for making barium salts, pigments, fireworks and flares, optical glass, rodenticide, pottery, porcelain, and as filler and water clarifying agent.

3. Used as a raw material for the electronic industry, for preparing capacitors, PTC electronic components, positive temperature coefficient thermistors, etc.

4. It is used as analytical reagent, preparation of fireworks and flare fuel, auxiliary material of ceramic coating and optical glass.

5. Used to treat excessive sulfate ions in chromium plating electrolytes, as well as in white passivation solutions for galvanized coatings, and can also be used to treat chromium containing wastewater.

6. Used as analytical reagents, water purifiers, rodenticides, and barium salts, as well as in the electronic industry, instrumentation, and metallurgical industries.

Essential details


Type:Barium Carbonate

CAS No.:513-77-9

Other Names:Barium Carbonate


EINECS No.:208-167-3

Place of Origin:China

Grade Standard:Electron Grade, Industrial Grade

Purity:99.3%, 99.2%

Appearance:White Powder


Brand Name:SUOYI

Product name:Barium Carbonate




Melting point:1740℃

Molecular weight:197.35


Application:glass ,soap ,activated carbon,Magnet material , Ceramic glazing ,Insecticide ,Cement ,Ceramic capacitors,Optical glass

Product name:potassium carbonate

Melting point:891°C


Boiling point:333.6°C

Molecular weight:138.21

Package:50kgs Plastic Woven Bag

HS CODE:2836400000

Payment Terms:T/T

Water Solubility:soluble in hot water

Delivery Time:10-20days after received payments

25/50kg/plastic woven bags



Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade

Application:The raw materials of the electronics industry


Shelf life:2 Years


Delivery:Within 3-8 Days

Quality control:COA ,SDS,TDS

Supply Ability

40000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week

Packaging & delivery

1kg/bag for Barium Carbonate , or 25kg/bag for Barium Carbonate


Shanghai or any port/FOB HUANGPU


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