Nano ZrO2

Nano ZrO2 is a specialized product category showcasing finely engineered zirconium dioxide particles at the nanoscale. With exceptional properties like high surface area, thermal stability, and mechanical strength, Nano ZrO2 finds diverse applications in ceramics, catalysis, and electronics. Its unique characteristics make it crucial for high-performance materials, fuel cells, and refractories. As a cutting-edge material in nanotechnology, Nano ZrO2 drives innovation, enabling advancements in various industries. With its superior performance and versatility, this product category revolutionizes materials research, offering efficient and advanced solutions for diverse challenges and applications, empowering industries to enhance efficiency and create next-generation products.

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Nano zirconia raw powder granulated powder 50nm yttrium stabilized for bioceramics and dental use

Nano zirconia raw powder 50nm

Product name:Zirconium powder
CAS No.:7440-67-7
Melting point:1852ºC
Boiling point:3577ºC

Crystal shape:Spherical,common
Particle size:-325mesh,-100+325mesh,1-10um,10-60um
Application:3D printing,spraying coating,powder metallurgy, metal alloy, raw materialsand so on.


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