Nano Al2O3

Nano Al2O3 is an exceptional product category of finely engineered aluminum oxide particles at the nanoscale. This advanced material offers outstanding properties, including high hardness, thermal stability, and excellent dielectric performance. Nano Al2O3 finds wide applications in electronics, ceramics, and catalysts, enhancing material strength and conductivity. Its unique surface area and reactivity enable cutting-edge advancements in various industries, including aerospace and automotive. As a crucial ingredient in nanotechnology, Nano Al2O3 drives innovation, offering superior performance and efficiency in manufacturing, energy storage, and environmental applications. This product category revolutionizes industries, unlocking new possibilities for materials research and technological advancements.

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High Purity 99.99% Nano Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 Powder High Purity Aluminium Oxide Powder Nano Al2O3 Alumina Powder Price

99.99% Nano Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 Powder



1.Luminescent materials: rare earth trichromatic phosphors used as the main raw material long afterglow phosphor, PDP phosphor, LED phosphor;

2.Transparent ceramics: used as fluorescent tubes for high pressure sodium lamp, electrically programmable read-only memory window;

3.Single Crystal: for the manufacture of ruby, sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet;

4.High strength high alumina ceramic:as the substrate used in the manufacture of integrated circuits, cutting tools and high purity crucible;

5.Abrasive:manufacture the abrasive of glass, metal, semiconductor and plastic;

6.Diaphragm: Application for the manufacture of lithium battery separator coating;

7.Other: as an active coating, adsorbents, catalysts and catalyst supports, vacuum coating, special glass materials, composite materials, resin filler, bio-ceramics etc.


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