Industry zirconia powder

Industry Zirconia Powder is a specialized product category catering to industrial applications. Zirconia powder, composed of high-purity zirconium oxide, exhibits exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. Widely used in industries such as ceramics, electronics, and aerospace, this fine powder is crucial for manufacturing advanced components, coatings, and refractory materials. With its superior strength, hardness, and resistance to wear and corrosion, Industry Zirconia Powder plays a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and durability of critical industrial products, making it a trusted choice for companies seeking top-quality materials for their high-tech applications.

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3%mol 4%mol 5%mol zirconia powder manufacturer yttria stabilized zirconia powderr

3%mol 4%mol 5%mol zirconia powder Yttrium stabilized zirconia powder

3%mol 4%mol 5%mol yttria stabilized zirconia powder dental zirconia powder for zirconia block and 3D printing of teeth

Yttria stabilized zirconia, YSZ is a kind of ceramic material. By adding Yttrium(III) oxide, the phase transformation temperature range of Zirconium dioxide can be changed to produce stable cubic crystals and tetragonal crystals at room temperature.

Pure zirconia is a monoclinic phase at room temperature. When the temperature rises to about 1173 ℃, it will transform into a tetragonal phase, and when it rises to 2370 ℃, it will transform into a cubic phase. At 2690 ℃, it will become a liquid phase.

Monoclinic phase (phase transformation temperature: 1173 ° C) tetragonal phase (phase transformation temperature: 2370 ° C) cubic phase (melting point/solidification point: 2690 ° C) liquid

Pure zirconia is cooled from high temperature to room temperature, and after undergoing phase transformation temperature, the square crystal is transformed into monoclinic crystal. Due to its drastic volume change, the sintered product contains microcracks and is often unusable. Zirconium dioxide does not exist in cubic phase (fluorite crystal structure) at room temperature, but by adding other oxides, the temperature range of Zirconium dioxide stabilized in cubic phase can be greatly increased. The Zirconium dioxide doped with phase stabilizer is called stabilized zirconias


Yttrium stabilized zirconia beads can be used in Electroceramics, magnetic materials, zirconia, silicon oxide, Zirconium(IV) silicate, titanium dioxide, pharmaceutical food, pigments, dyes, inks, and special chemical industries. Zirconia refractory materials: zirconia crucibles, zirconia refractory fibers, zirconia kiln materials. Zirconia structural ceramics: zirconia ceramic bearings, zirconia ceramic valves, zirconia grinding materials. Zirconia functional ceramics: zirconia ceramic balls for ballpoint pens, zirconia ceramic tools, zirconia high-temperature heating materials, zirconia bioceramics, zirconia coating materials, zirconia communication materials, zirconia oxygen sensors.


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