Dental blocks

Dental Blocks form a vital product category comprising pre-fabricated materials used in dentistry for creating dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers. These blocks are typically made of ceramics or composite resins, offering excellent aesthetics, durability, and biocompatibility. With various shades and sizes available, dental blocks cater to individual patient needs, ensuring precise and efficient chairside restorations. As a crucial component in modern dentistry, Dental Blocks enable dentists to deliver high-quality, natural-looking dental restorations, enhancing patient smiles and overall oral health. Their convenience and reliability make them an indispensable choice for dental professionals seeking optimal restorative solutions.

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3D Plus Multilayer dental zirconia blocks for zirconia teeth crowns

3D Plus Multilayer dental zirconia blocks for teeth crowns HT, ST,UT, HST

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Zirconium blocks are mainly divided into four types: HT (high permeability), ST (ultra permeability) UT, and HST

The visible light transmittance of white zirconia ceramic blocks can reach 49%, which is similar to that of glass ceramics, but the three-point bending strength is>600MPa, which is much higher than that of glass ceramics. It is particularly suitable for all zirconium aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth and also for all zirconium restoration of posterior teeth. Using staining solution in conjunction with all ceramic dentures, create a crystal clear and transparent restoration like jade.

Porcelain block is a kind of multi colored pre dyed ceramic block. It has five common colors, four layers of color are superimposed, and seven layers of color are gradually changed. There is no need to soak and brush the Dentin color, and it can highly simulate the natural tooth color. It is the preferred material for aesthetic restoration.

Adjust the position of the dental crown within the porcelain block according to clinical color requirements, and freely adjust the sintering temperature to a maximum temperature of 1450-1550 ℃. It is recommended to sinter at 1530 ℃. The standard setting is to use professional oxidized sugar polishing tools for polishing, and a perfect restoration can be obtained by simply glazing.

Brand Name:Zirconium dental block
Model Number:Zr-3Y-1,Zr-3Y-2,Zr-3Y-3,Zr-3Y-4,
CAS No.114168-16-0
Appearance:White round bloc
Grade Standard:Medicine Grade
Quality:First Class
Transport Package:Barrel
Specification:50-80 nm

Suoyi Dental Zirconium Block for Denture Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Dental Crowns, Dendal Bridges

Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Dental Blocks/Crowns Ht Ysz CAD/Cam Disk

The porcelain tooth made of zirconia has a realistic and beautiful appearance, strong and wear-resistant, similar in color to natural teeth, good biocompatibility, does not stimulate oral tissues, and is easy to clean. It can not only restore the function of the tooth, but also has a cosmetic effect.


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