Copper Powder(Cu)

Copper Powder is a versatile product category with extensive industrial applications. Comprising finely milled copper particles, this powder exhibits excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, making it ideal for electronics, conductive pastes, and metal coatings. Widely used in automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries, Copper Powder contributes to the production of high-performance materials, lubricants, and sintered parts. Its malleability and thermal stability make it a preferred choice for metal injection molding and powder metallurgy processes. As a vital material in various sectors, Copper Powder ensures reliable and efficient solutions, enhancing conductivity, durability, and performance across diverse applications.

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99.9% nano particle size nano powder 300nm Copper Cu brown red color CAS 7440-50-8 used in catalyst ceramic coating

99.9% Nano Powder 300nm Copper Cu brown red CAS 7440-50-8

Essential details
Product name:Copper powder
Application:Powder Metallurgy
Color:Rich Gold
Loose Density (g/cm3):1.2 g/cm3
CAS No:7440-50-8
Melting Point:1083
Boiling point:2595
Purity:99.9%min/99.99%min, 99.9%
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:Suoyi
Model Number:SY-Cu00
Alloy Or Not:Non-Alloy
Supply Ability:1000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details:25kg or 50kg plastic woven bags lined with plastic bags or as demand
Port:Tianjin port or Any Chinese Port


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