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 Our wide range of advanced materials includes Alumina, High Purity Metal Powder, Zirconia, Carbide&nitride, Rare Earth, Nano material powder, and Others Advanced Material. Our ceramic zirconia blocks and silicon nitride powder are popular choices for structural parts and mechanical components in the aerospace and automotive industries. Our rare earth materials, including erbium oxide powder and yttrium stabilized zirconia powder, offer exceptional performance in 5G communication and aerospace technologies. Our nanometer materials are carefully engineered to meet the exacting standards of modern technologies. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality materials and how we can help meet your specific needs.

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Suoyi has been a leading contributor to the new material industry since 2012, continuously improving our competitive advantages over the past 12 years. Our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Hebei Suoyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd, Hebei SOTOH New Material Co., Ltd, and Tianjin Suoyi Solar Technology Co., Ltd, operate in advanced ceramic materials, rare earth materials, nanometer materials, spraying materials, and metal materials.

Our subsidiaries offer a range of solutions, including bio-ceramic, industrial ceramic, and special ceramic solutions, as well as rare earth material and nanometer material solutions. We also provide spraying solutions such as aluminum grinding beads and cerium oxide powder for glass polishing. Our products, such as zirconium blocks, ceramic structural parts, and metallurgy solutions, find use in a multitude of fields, including 5G communication, lithium batteries, IC substrates, aviation, military, and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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Suoyi has rich experience in the industry, and over the years SUOYI’s products have been widely used in 5G communication, lithium batteries, IC substrates, grinding media, aviation and other fields. Currently we provide solutions for application scenarios such as bioceramics, industrial ceramics, special ceramics and rare earth materials, nanomaterials and coating. You can contact us to get your own solution.


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I was very impresed by the SUOYI service. The customer manager of SUOYI has provided me with great help in selecting products. The Rare Earth Material recommended by her has improved my production efficiency and saved my costs.

Kelly Smith


I am very satisfied with SUOYI’s service. I compared with many suppliers, and I was very satisfied with the product quality and service attitude of SUOYI. I have more energy to enjoy my life by cooperating with them.

John Doe


SUOYI’S service process is the most standard among the suppliers I have contacted. From the early communication to the late delivery, they have a dedicated person to contact. I can clearly understand my order.

Dave Smith


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We offer you a wide range of chemical raw materials

Suoyi has been a leading contributor to the new material industry for six years, providing customers worldwide with high-quality and cost-effective raw materials. Our range of products includes Nano MaterialsRare Earth Materials, Industrial Ceramic Solutions, Dental Ceramic Solutions, and more. We also specialize in erbium oxide powder and ytterbium oxide powder, among other rare earth materials. Our commitment to quality has earned us recognition from our customers worldwide. We welcome customers from all over the world to inquire and order, and we look forward to serving you..

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